Monday, January 27, 2014

Why call it money laundering? Just what their money in the wash in the washing machine? What ya TSB cash machine washing? Well before the Money Laundering described. Better start first from the history.
Money Laundering, derived from a thought Criminals / Mafia famous in America that Alphonse Gabriel Capone (Al Capone) between the years 1920-1930. The name may already be familiar to your ears. even so Criminally Al Capone's filmed in Hollywood. Al Capone was born in New York City, January 17, 1899 and died on January 25, 1947.

What crimes committed by Al Capone?
1. Liquor sales
2. Smuggling (weapons, drugs, etc.)
3. Gambling
4. Prostitution of the illegal operations of Al Capone has the money for / year: 
a. From the results of Gambling = U $ 25,000,000 b. From the results Liquor Sales = U $ 60,000,000 c. From the results of thuggery = U $ 10,000,000 d. From the results of the Sale and Purchase = U $ 10,000,000

Revenues are so large certainly not the result of a legal business, and it is difficult for local authorities to keep track of the time the money. 

Why in cash? simply that the money was obtained from gambling, prostitution, thuggery etc., which require that the consumer has to pay in the form of cash money, especially coins

Another problem arises for Al Capone, he thinks not of this magnitude may save money in the form of cash at home. Then he thought, how to save money. Which does not allow for him is Saving Money in the Bank. 
Why? because his name is the money you gain is the result of an illegal, then if asked by the bank from which source? How? Moreover, the money is in the form of coins Coin and Paper nominal 1 dollar to 5 dollars, it is not desired by Al Capone. Thinking hard to fruition, Well this About Origins of Money Laundering Techniques occur.

This is what Al Capone: Business Buying Clothes washing / laundry, you know why he bought the business premises? Thinking too simple, back to Al Capone in Gambling revenue. Why of gambling? Yes as a result of gambling, money in the form of coins right. But what to do with your laundry business premises? this way it use to pay the laundry coins. so Al Capone made ​​money thinking as if his change was derived from the results of operations of laundry before paid to the bank. So if asked by the authorities it is legal.

This strategy is considered successful because it is unlikely that he includes so much money into one room only, then he-clicking expansion multiplied by the number of outlets. Well it still allows the bank is also suspicious, rather than suspicious bank. then he made a second breakthrough, namely:



Buying a property, why would he buy a property? Because he was well aware of when buying a property it is very tempting and very easy to sell as well. Then selected in this way by way of Sale - Buy property. then money generated from the legal business of buying and selling property.

Well that's just the way like Al Capone so it appears that the money obtained from the results of legal business.Well this is why the story of the origin of the term Money Laundering happen.

Understand short of Money Laundry, Washing Money For there are 3 stages that you must know:
  1. Placement / Placement ie Conversion converted into cash in the form of bank deposits, Real Estate, stock, or other form of currency into foreign currency or transfer
  2. Layering is Conducting financial transactions are complicated and complex with the aim to eliminate traces
  3. Integration of acceptance is the proceeds of crime deceit to gain legitimacy in the form of pro forma investment activities or official business so that money crimes become legal