Monday, May 5, 2014

Call me bias if you want, but after reviewing nearly a 100 different programs that “supposedly” teach you how to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate still remains my #1 recommendation in helping YOU succeed within the business and there’s really a lot of reasons for this:
Reason 1: This is the only program I’ve seen which offers you a free access. No credit card, no personal info, no funny business, no risk. See for yourself.
Reason 2: Most of the other programs I’ve seen/reviewed are pure crap and scams. It’s literally a mine field out there and it’s very difficult to find that 1 golden place that’s the real deal.
Reason 3: The secret to success online is this: Proper guidance. That’s it. There are so many different places suggesting different ways to succeed and this confuses people to no end.
You only need 1 proven way to succeed in this business and that’s exactly what you get from Wealthy Affiliate. Their training is second to none and it’s geared towardscomplete beginners-advanced marketers.
Reason 4: There is NO hype. If there’s 1 thing I can’t stand, it’s hype. You don’t get any of that with WA. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You learn to succeed online through honest methods of marketing (via helping people) and they are up-front with everything.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in a nutshell:

In essence what this place does is teaches you to take any:
  • Business idea.
  • Knowledge.
  • Experience
  • Expertise.
  • Goals.
In ANY field and turn it into a successful online business. If you have an idea, I promise you there’s monetary potential behind it and Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to materialize it online. And if you don’t have any ideas or are just unsure, they also show you exactly what to do.
The site was created by 2 internet marketing millionaires, Kyle & Carson who teach you the same exact methods they use to succeed online.

How Wealthy Affiliate helps YOU succeed: 

The training you get from Wealthy Affiliate will help you work on creating a profitable, sustainable & long term online businessWa get started guide from the ground up. The way this is done is through step-by-step training that involves:
1. Picking a subject you want to create an online business out of. It all starts with this. WA shows you through their Get Started Here section how to do this. From this place, you will have 2 options:
  • A) Chose to pursue making an online business based on your personal hobbies/interests. 
  • B) If you don’t know which subject you want to build an online business out of, you can do the Affiliate bootcamp which will show you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate to others. 
2. Creating a website for your chosen subject. Every online business needs a website. If you’ve never made one, the process is A LOT easier than you think. WA has a website builder with which you can make up to 2 free websites with. All you have to do is select a name for your website and how you want it to look and then the builder does the rest. It takes less than a minute to set this process up and the sites are fully optimized and ready to go.
3. Learning how to get visitors to your site. After you’ve set up the fundamentals, the most important thing left is to get visitors to your site. It will be from these visitors that you sell products;/services to. The more visitors you get, the more money that can be made.
WA shows you the free way to do this by utilizing up to date SEO techniques. In other words, your site will be ranking on popular search engines like Google and getting visitors.
In fact, here are my personal results utilizing Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp training: 
bootcamp statsThe most important thing you need to understand is that THIS is exactly how your site/online business’s success will develop. The visitor numbers will rise and the more visitors you get, again the more money that can be made.  
Traffic generation is one of the MAIN focuses of many programs nowadays, but most of them use shady tactics that can land your site in hot water. WA uses the most up to date/legitimate methods to help you succeed.
As a Starter Member (free) of this program, you are given 10 lessons to start all of this and by the time you are done with the lessons, you will have already built a website, established what your site’s topic is about and set up the foundations to help it rank well in search engines. 
One more very important thing:
The training within WA is set up in lessons. Each lesson has a video/text guide on what to do. You are basically going to be taking those lessons and applying them to YOUR business. This means you won’t just be sitting around doing nothing, you’ll actually be building your business and your success with each lesson.

More ways Wealthy Affiliate helps you succeed:

There are a lot of additional benefits to Wealthy Affiliate, but here are the most important:
Live Chat: You get support here 24-7. There’s tons of members of this organization constantly available there so if you have any questions, you can get help here instantly. This feature is one of the other things that makes WA unique.
I’ve personally never seen this option in any other program. Usually it’s Support tickets or Forum posts which can take days to hear responses (if any).
1 on 1 coaching from the owners, Kyle & Carson. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate actively help out the members, whether in the live chat or privately.
Weekly Webinars: Every Friday, one of WA’s elite marketers, Jay hosts a 1 hour webinar and provides case studies, additional tips and very helpful info to help you succeed in online marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership:

If you enjoy the Starter Membership and want to go further, I would highly recommend upgrading to Premium. It’s $47 a month and get’s you full access to WA and it’s benefits.
Here is a full comparison of Starter vs Premium membership benefits. There’s also a 59% discount being offered right now.
One thing I want to clarify right off the bat is that as a Starter Member, you are given enough information to make money with. You get a website, you get free training and are basically set on the right path to succeed. Premium just goes even further with this.
Certainly this feature is optional and while I could go into great length on explaining the benefits of Premium, which you can again find here, I’d recommend you just try the Starter Membership first since it’s completely free, then see if Premium is for you. Whether you decide to upgrade or not, there’s no risk in trying the free option. 


  • Provides all forms & levels of internet marketing training.
  • Simple to follow step-by-step training with tutorials and videos. 
  • VERY newbie friendly.
  • Provides excellent support. 
  • Gives you 2 free websites. 
  • Costs $0 to join (no funny business). Join here.
  • Gives you access to top level internet marketers and support.
  • 24-7 online chat if you have any questions.
  • One of the few places where you learn to make money legitimately.


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