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Clickbank has been around for years and has been a haven for a lot of internet marketers, but as we’re moving toward 2014, is it still a good place to make money online? The answer is mostly yes, but you need to know what you’re doing if you hope to make it there. 

What is Clickbank (CB)?

For those who don’t know, this is an organization that allows people from all places and specialties create products and host them on the Clickbank’s marketplace. The people who create and host products are called “vendors”. There are also 10,000′s of affiliates who then can find these products and promote them in exchange for commissions. CB is not a bank. For the most part it sells digital products like e-books and software programs. There are also physical products sold there too, but not too often.
For many marketers CB has been a sanctuary for making money online because they offer very high commissions and the ability to make re-occurring sales of products. A large portion of the money I’ve made online has been through this place and I still use it to this day. 
In fact, 1 product from CB has made me the bulk of all my profits online. And I’m not the only one doing this. There are people whose entire income comes from 1 or even 2 products on CB. This is very possible, but requires understanding the process of internet marketing. 
The only real downside of this place is that it has A LOT of really low-quality products or scams which have a high refund rate. Luckily, credit needs to be given where it’s due, because Clickbank has made a fantastic effort to clean up it’s marketplace by creating more strict rules for allowing products to be allowed to be hosted on their website. In addition their customer service for both those who work with them (vendor/affiliates) as well as customers who buy products is top notch. 

So is it still a good place to make money with?

Absolutely. The biggest problem is that most people who know very little about online marketing or CB for that matter hear rumors about there being a lot of bad products, high refunds and believe this means the whole organization is bad.
While a lot of it is true, there are still plenty of good products that are highly profitable and worth promoting and I’m going to show you how to find them. Before I do that, I want to make 1 point very clear:
You need to understand how internet marketing works. It’s not so much the product, but the audience you are selling to. Finding a specific audience (niche) and selling them a specific product that’s perfect for that niche is what leads to success. In Clickbank’s case, if you find a niche on say dieting for women over 40 and promote one of their highly popular diet products, you can end up making a stable and even lucrative income in the process.
Most people do the opposite and look for a product that is selling well and try to find an audience around that. It could work, but I prefer the initial method. 

Finding a good quality product on Clickbank:

In order to do this, I recommend having these steps down:
1. Picking a specific niche.
2. Having personal experience with that niche. The first product I promoted was a diet product. I was able to sell it well because I understood how it worked and was able to write better reviews/content on it. 
3. Have a website focused on this niche. If you don’t have one yet, you can try my personal approach which costs $0. 
Now onto the good stuff. Once you have this down, register with Clickbank. If you don’t have a product to sell, register as an affiliate. Then go into the “Marketplace”. 
Within that section, now you will want to choose the category. Remember stick to something you have personal experience in. Since mine was health & fitness, that’s what I selected. Here is a screenshot:
clickbank marketplace

When I clicked on this, it took me to a new page where I was given the health & fitness products which were ranked based on which were sold most. After browsing through, I saw one which stood out for my niche. Here is a screenshot again. Also notice I circled some areas in yellow. I’ll explain why in a moment:
clickbank health & fitness product
I personally ignore everything else there is. I just find a product which has wording similar to my niche. Then I look at everything in yellow. Here’s what you need to know:
Avg Sale: Tells you how much you can make each sale. This is not exact and varies based on taxes, but it’ll be close to that number. I don’t recommend going for the highest paying product either because you can actually end up make much more from cheaper products than expensive ones. But it will be your choice. So far $40 bucks for each sale is not too shabby.
Avg % Sale: Basically tells you how much commission you’ll earn. In this case it’s 75% after which your part will be $40.80.
Avg Rebill: Some products on Clickbank have re-occurring commissions. It could be a membership or some sort of re-bill. Either way if there is a re-bill #, which in this case there is ($54.13), you will have the potential to make that much every month if the person you referred to this product stays. Most products on Clickbank do not have re-occurring billing which if that’s the case, the # for this category will be $0. 
Avg % rebill: Just shows how much you’re earning from each re-occurring sale. 
Grav: Means gravity. In this case the number is 174.09. This means anywhere from 170-180 different affiliates are making money with this product. Is that a good thing? Yes. The bigger the gravity number, the more it means the product sells. If you ever spot a product that has a high commission but VERY low gravity (less than 1), I’d recommend staying away from it. 
The next thing I recommend is looking at the website of the product you’ll be promoting. This is basically called the “sale’s page”. My rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t look cheap and absurd, then it’s a plus in my book.
When put together, if a product you chose has:
  • A high commission.
  • A high gravity.
  • A good website.
  • You can relate to this product and use it to promote it to a niche.
Then it’s a green light and you can try selling it. I can’t stress enough how important it is to know what it is you’re selling as well as WHO you’re selling it to. This will help you in more ways than you can imagine. 
What’s the point of me promoting some sort of product that pays me high if I don’t know anything about it? How will I possibly be able to sell this to my niche if I can’t even write well about it?


  • You can still make good money with CB.
  • There are many products to choose from many different categories.
  • Very easy to create affiliate links. 
  • You can put your own product up there and have affiliates sell it for you.


  • Many low quality products with high refund %’s. Stick to high gravity products and sale’s pages that look professional. 

Final Thoughts: Should you try promoting products on Clickbank?

I would say yes. Clickbank has some of the highest commission payouts out of any affiliate program I’ve ever seen. They are on time and honest with their payouts and business model. Yes there a ton of bad products there, but if you know what your niche is as well as product you can promote to that niche and find it on Clickbank as well as see it has all the positive attributes I mentioned above, you have a potentially very profitable opportunity before you.
All it really takes is just 1 product. A bulk of my total internet marketing sales came from 1 Clickbank product which I still promote to this day. It’s in the diet niche and it offers great opportunity to this day. In the end CB is and will continue to be a good place to make money online.

My personal recommendation: 

You need proper guidance to succeed not just with CB but with online marketing. Most people feel that CB is the way to go and don’t have proper knowledge of how to find a niche, a product and market it correctly to an audience. 
This is absolutely essential in the formula to success. My personal recommendation is to try my #1 recommended place which teaches you all these tools and more. There is way too much misinformation in the internet marketing world as well as tons of scams. 



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