Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How To Promote Clickbank Products


You know what comes to mind when promoting Clickbank Products? Niche, The Word Niche is something I believe everyone who has some free time today should research. Not because I’m telling you to but because you would be surprised at how much information will come up for that word. The reason I say Niche is because that’s what your going to be catering to when your promoting Clickbank Products. Catering to specific group or audience with what you have to offer them and in fact is the biggest hurdle you have as a Clickbank Affiliate selling Clickbank Digitla Products to such a vast array of people. Now you could say “oh i’m going the facebook route or twitter route and i’ll make some money”. Well that’s nice… But Facebook Twitter both Markets so saturated by Scammers that your chances of making money selling Clickbank VIA those Venues is next to nothing.

In fact, if you’ve noticed for every one sale you make VIA Facebook is 5 to 6 hours of work you had to put into getting friends creating groups pitching emails, etc. So it’s not worth it and even Facebook has created programs that go about and limit accounts and or delete accounts of people they feel are spammers. If you’ve read the news recently a lot of people where griping about this. But “Hey Facebook is a privately owned company they can basically do what they want without violating there own rules”. More so Twitter is even worse because you have big name companies for example getting twitter followers for free websites offering purchased followers and free followers. What little do the people who use these sites know is well they have access to your account and they send scam emails to your followers for their own purposes which in return will get your account terminated and banned. So how do you make money promoting Clickbank Products?


The real short answer is hard work and content. Now I know a lot of people don’t believe in hard work anymore. Frankly I’ve seen people my age younger and older who don’t know the value of earning a dollar. For me it’s always been about researching the product I’m selling. What niche I can market that product to and what I need to do to get my Clickbank Affiliate Links out there for people to see click and purchase the vendors product I’m promoting. For me building blogs around that product and also websites is always been key to making a profit with Clickbank and really how you should be promoting your Clickbank Affiliate Links. Yes I know, “Well that means I have to build back-links and promote, etc etc”. No really, if your content is there all you have to do is simply submit your website or blog to Google Bing Yahoo some other search engines and the traffic and sales will come.

A great place i’ve found to promote Clickbank Products is Tumblr. They have a little thing called “Tags” which allows for Tumblr users and Search Engines to pick up on. This in return if you’ve tagged your Tumblr Blog Posts with Google. Any Tumblr user who searches Google will see your post and Tumblr blog right away. Even Google, Bing And Yahoo all have followed Suite and incorporated Tumblr Tags into there search results which has made getting traffic very easy. It’s really all about what your promoting and how your promoting it. Tumblr is great for traffic and selling certain Niches because of having such a young audience. In fact Tumblr is even greater for people who are trying to make some money With Google Adsense because a lot of themes on Tumblr are Google Adsense Friendly at-least in my eyes.

Is there anyplace else? Weebly a free website building website tongue twister that allows for you to build anything and everything. They have tons of free themes for you to use, Google Adsense ready, Clickbank Ready, I mean there’s no limit to what you can and can’t do with Weebly. I’ve been using Weebly for years and in fact this website is based on the idea of using free tools like weebly to be able to market Clickbank products promote them and be able to make money from them without having to spend money. It’s really why I enjoy sites like weebly.com and tumblr.com because it allows for you to make money without spending money and allow you to learn the in’s and out’s of the Affiliate Marketing industry without the down falls that come with building an actual website and owning a domain name. Which having your own domain name does help but won’t get you money fast and you’ll end up spending more for something you don’t want to. So having the free option is the best route to go.

So when promoting Clickbank products remember Free is the way to go, just as long as free isn’t cheap looking. Remember eye appeal is what sells a product and if your blog or website is appealing and has the needed information to sell the Clickbank Product your promoting then you won’t fail. But if you’ve gone the route of barely putting content having some shady looking website or blog. All your work would have been for nothing really. When promoting Quality is better than Quantity and will always out way the person who has 100 blogs with no content and only outbound links. Success is your ticket and to get that ticket takes content and hard work. The more work you put into it the better you chances of making sales and making money with Clickbank Will be.

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