Thursday, January 23, 2014

Image of the next model iPhone with glass edges
It has only been a couple of months since the iPhone 5s and 5c were launched but people are already speculating what is in store for the next generation Apple handsets. And, when you look at what could be in store, I am sure a few people may be considering leaving out the current generation and skipping to the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 when it is lauched in 2014..
Speculation for the next years iPhone is that it will be Bigger, Smarter, Lighter and Stronger..

BIGGER - A must with dimensions more in line with the other leading models such as the HTC1 or Galaxy S4. A handset with a screen size of 4.5inches or bigger is almost definite. Going by reports form Asia we will possibly be looking at he introduction of the iPhone Math with a 4.8 inch screen..With this more Apps and gimmicks an be placed on the homescreen giving the user nearly everything they want in view and accessible with one touch.
SMARTER - The integrated fingerprint recognition within the home button has been a big hit, but, that is somthing that Apple can surely progress on with the launch of next years model..
How about never having to remember passwords or PINS when you log onto your banking App, simply have your fingerprint as all the ID that is needed..that would be progression and true security. No more logging onto any App or service that you are familiar as it would have your data stored and it would recognise your fingerprint....
Or, will we be actually looking at eye retina recognition?....
NFC technology will integrated along with wirless charging and a much improved camera. The camera on the 5s is impressive but it has ben noted as with all the past generation iPhones that the speed of the camera does tend to slow as the memory gets fuller. 
It is also possible that it will be powered by an A8 chip and will run with iOS8 software.
Could we also be looking at an iPhone that has the option of a removable memory chip?

LIGHTER - With the launch of the iPad air we have seen that Apple are more than capable of manufactruing tablets that are better and sleeker than anything else currently on the market. The iPad air was just the taster, expect the next iPhone to elaborate on this by being even thinnner than the current model but stronger than its competitors. Imagine a phone that weighs half the weight of the current models?
STRONGER - Forget Gorilla glass, Apple have purchased $578m sapphire from  GT Advanced Technologies [a sapphire crystal manufacturer].  Currently sapphire is used on the iPhone 5s, but only on the fingerprint reader and rear camera. Known to be tougher than concrete and scratch resistant, a screen made our of sapphire would be a massive plus and it would also allow the next handset to have an almost wrap around screen that was previously patented by Apple. So we could well be looking at a handset without side edges but tougher than ones with..