Thursday, January 23, 2014

Way back in 2003 MySpace began. Created by a small group of programmers who already had an Internet company, MySpace has grown by leaps and bounds. MySpace soon became one of the largest online companies. It was all due to the dream of a few people who were members of Friendster and already had everything they needed to get started and create MySpace.
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What Did Friendster Have To Do With It?

When Friendster launched in 2002 some people from eUniverse signed up and immediately saw the enormous potential a site like Friendster could have. Brad Greenspan, Chris DeWolfe, Josh Berman, Toan Nguyen and Tom Anderson got together with a team of programmers and decided to create their own site using the most popular features from Friendster.

Everything They Needed

By August 2003 MySpace was launched. They already had everything they needed to create a website as big as MySpace. The finances, people, bandwidth and servers were already in place.
eUniverse employees were the first to create MySpace accounts. Then they would try to see who could get the most people to sign up with them. Using eUniverse's already created company they were able to sign people up very quickly.

The Domain Name

The domain name was originally used as a data storage site, until MySpace was created. It was owned by and made the transition to MySpace in 2004.
Chris DeWolfe wanted to charge people to become members of MySpace, but Brad Greenspan knew that in order to create a successful online community, it had to be free.

Who Owns MySpace?

Some employees of MySpace were able to acquire equity in the company. Soon after that MySpace was bought out by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp in July 2005. The company's name was then changed to Intermix Media. News Corp is owned by Fox Broadcasting.
Later, in 2006, Fox launched a UK version of MySpace. This was a successful attempt at adding the UK music scene to MySpace. Later they also released MySpace in China. They're working on adding MySpace to other countries too.

Widgets and Channels

Google is signed on as MySpace's search provider and advertiser., RockYou! and YouTube also help MySpace add functionality for it's users. Many other websites on the Net create templates and other accessories that MySpace users can use to design their MySpace profiles.
MySpace has also added many different channels and widgets to their site. There are things on MySpace such as MySpace IM, MySpace Music, MySpace Music, MySpaceTV, MySpace Mobile, MySpace News, MySpace Classifieds, MySpace Karaoke, and more.

Where Are They Now?

Currently MySpace lives in California. They're in the same building as their owner, Fox Interactive Media (which is owned by News Corp). MySpace only has about 300 people on staff. They gain over 200,000 new users every day and have well over 100 million users worldwide.