Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Grandpa got a little confused when Katie mentioned she’d like a Blackberry for her birthday.
This wasn’t the image that I had planned on doing.
I was out yesterday for a walk, and of course to find a few caches. At the start of my walk I spied some blackberries. Not all of them are ripe yet, in fact they are only just begining to start to ripen. I didn’t do anything other than carry on my walk, but whilst doing so I thought perhaps that if I found some more ripe blackberries, then Bob could pick some. He of course as usual was in my camera bag along with Max his dog.
We did find some more blackberries, and an ideal section of path for a photo. Luckily it was a nice quiet path and no-one else was around, as I’m sure there would have been a few funny looks if anyone had come across me lying prone on the middle of a country footpath.
I duly took some photos, but they just weren’t working as I had imagined. So I put the blackberry I had picked into my pocket and hoped I’d not squash it on the way round. I then  continued on with my search for the last 7 caches to take me up to the magic 999 I was aiming for; thinking if I found a better place, I’d stop and take some more photos. That perfect location never did materialise, but another idea did.
You are often told, that you should ignore your first idea, and sometimes even your second, because you’ll eventually come up with a much better concept. And that I think is what happened.
Letting my mind wander whilst I walked meant that I soon discarded my first idea, and that if the blackberry survied the trip I could do another photo once home. Well with the seed planted, the idea grew and the more it grew, the more I liked the concept, and realised it was far better than my original thoughts.

The blackberry thankfully survived it’s journey.