Friday, May 9, 2014

Here’s some powerful ways to sell affiliate products WITHOUT a website or blog…
(This post was inspired by one of my customers at HypnoBusters who quit her job to become an affiliate marketer full-time. She did it all without a website.Read how she did it here.)
Many people are put off from becoming affiliate marketers because they don’t know how to set up a website or a blog. This needn’t be a barrier. You can sell affiliate products without a website. In a moment I will show you how to sell affiliate products without a website. But first remember this golden rule…

Only sell quality products you have personally tried

This is vitally important to whether you succeed. If you sell low quality goods, you will quickly get a reputation for being a dodgy dealer. Guess what happens? No one will touch you with a barge poll. They won’t buy from you, and certainly won’t recommend you. Then your online business is doomed.
You should take the attitude that you are “recommending” products that will help your friends. If products have helped you, then you can explain how they can help your friends. If you get this right, people will be happy to buy from you. You are showing them useful products that they didn’t know about. It’s a win-win situation.
Now I will show you how to sell affiliate products without a website. Here are some of the best places…


You are acting within Facebook’s terms if you leave affiliate links in your status updates. There is nothing wrong with writing in your status update about how a product has helped you, and including your affiliate link. If you have friends that trust you, then they may follow your lead and buy the product – and you get a cut of the commission.
If people comment, then great. Respond to their comments and encourage the conversation. This increases the visibility and interest in your link.
To be more effective, it is a good idea to build up the amount of Facebook friends you have. The more people that see your posts, the more chance there is of making sales.


You can also sell affiliate products on Twitter. You can add your affiliate links to your Twitter updates. Just like Facebook, a personal recommendation from a product you have tried comes across as genuine and trustworthy. Again engage with any responses, comments or questions. It’s called a social network, so get social!

Classified ads

You can put adverts selling affiliate products on many classified ad sites. Read their terms and conditions to make sure they allow affiliate links, as not all do. Here are a few that do (at the time or writing)…

Build a Squidoo lens

Squidoo lens is like a mini blog that is simple and free to set up. It is a high authority network, so you have a good chance of ranking quickly. Provide good quality information and you will get traffic. They have no problem with you selling affiliate products. Make them natural and part of what you are talking about and people will click on them.


If you find forums related to your niche, some allow you to add an affiliate link in your signature. Be careful with this as many do not. Read their terms and conditions to make absolutely sure. You don’t want to annoy people and get yourself banned. You could instead link to your Squidoo lens as this is not technically an affiliate link.
If you can post affiliate links, then great. Make useful posts, and be as helpful and friendly as you can. This builds up your trust and standing, and people are more likely to trust the link in your signature.

Email signature

If you send a lot of emails, you could set it up so that your affiliate link automatically displays in your signature. Give a brief description of why a product is amazing, why it will benefit them, and include a call to action, such as “click here to find out more…”

Write an e book

You could write an e book and include affiliate links within the book. Don’t put too many in as it will look spammy. Write a good quality useful book and either sell it or give it away. Whichever you do, it can earn you cash for any affiliate sales the book generates.
If you decide to give it away, you can encourage others to give it away. Then your affiliate links are distributed all over the internet for you. The better the quality the book, the more likely people will give it away, and the more attention it will get. 

Final thoughts

These are just a few places where you can sell affiliate products. If you look around you will be able to find many other opportunities.
Be an ethical marketer and respect the communities you are posting to. Always follow their rules and don’t spam them with your affiliate link. Be polite, courteous and helpful. Spend time interacting properly – it is worth it. Not only does this feel better, it will help you sell more. No one buys from spammers. People like to buy from helpful, knowledgeable and polite friends.