Wednesday, January 22, 2014

fifa 2014 world cup
Year 2014 is the year of the most anticipated by football fans all over the world. After 4 years of waiting, finally the World Cup coming back. This time the most prestigious football tournament will be held in his home country, Brazil. Although there are still about 5 months to go before the 2014 World Cup begins officially, the warmth and the heat is starting to be felt.
Mr Luzon lucky to have time to feel the excitement of the World Cup with this own eyes when it was organized by South Korea & Japan in 2002. It is very much fun. It is an experience that cannot be traded.
Honestly, if you're a football fan, it is mandatory to watch the World Cup on a "live”. Experience the excitement of the World Cup in the stadium is very much different from just watching it on television.
But Mr Luzon understand that dream at the stadium watching the World Cup just stay a dream. Mmmm, more money needs to be removed. Airline tickets, game tickets, hotel and so on. Thirty thousand dollars also will have to be used. Better keep to buy other things right? But if Mr Luzon tell you a way to realize this dream for FREE, all of you must be very excited right?
It’s FREE!Yeah ~ ~ special for Maybank VISA credit card holder, you have the chance to win a trip to watch the final of the 2014 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you do already have a Maybank Visa credit card , all you have to do is spend RM100 for a chance to win this SUPER AWESOME . The more you spend, the higher your chance to fly to Brazil. Easy like ABC contest huh?
However, if you have no credit cards VISA Maybank , do not worry . With cooperation from Sony and Visa, you can now apply for a VISA credit card Maybank Sony to participate in this competition. Another best Sony Maybank card allows you to double the chances of winning this contest 5 times. Awesome right?
In addition, there are several ways to double your winning chances by 5 times... Her methods are: -
1. You can also use Maybank card Manchester United and Maybank PETRONAS.2. Use Maybank VISA credit card at any store Sony including Sony Store, Sony Online and Sony Centre.3. Use Maybank VISA credit card at PETRONAS stations or convenience stores.

Maybank, make sure you send the message to activate your card. Just type SMS Worldcup 12 Digit Identity Card and send it to 66 628. Mr Luzon’ve already activated. The sooner the better. As -as tue prayer do not forget a bit more.
If there are things Mr Luzon may bring wife to Brazil to see the 2014 World Cup.
To add to the excitement of the 2014 World Cup, Maybank will also be a simple contest on Facebook Maybank Malaysia. The campaign was named # Sambabola. Figure 3 local football players of Khairul Fahmi Apex, Junior Edstal, and name of the man will be shared on Facebook Maybank Malaysia. You just need to make the most creative caption and funny to win prizes such as vouchers Starbucks and many more. Happy right?

Mr Luzon pray that this self- selected to win the "grand prize” competition Get into the Rhythm. Watch the FIFA World Cup ™ Final LIVE, courtesy of VISA’s. To catch a glimpse of the grandeur and Cristiano Ronaldo to the eye itself. If you also have a similar desire, visit and for more information.
fifa 2014 world cup