Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another great way for you to make money from your blog or website and pull in more money with Clickbank is adding Clickbank Ads to your website or blog. I know what your saying, “How Do I Do That”. Well it’s simple and easy and is another great tool that Clickbank gives you to use all you have to is add some HTML Code to your website or blog and tweek the ADs to how you want them to look and your well on your way to making more money with Clickbank and increasing your daily sales or over all sales with Clickbank. The way to ad Clickbank Ads to your Website or Blog is by using the Clickbank Hopad Builder. This builder or simply the wizard allows you to ad keywords based on whatever NICHE your website or blog may be, Allows for different AD formats like Skyscraper, Leaderboard, Box Banner, etc and Different colors Links Font.

Clickbank Hopad builder is so easy and simple to use anyone and everyone can do and add it to their website or blog today right now no technical skills required. It’s amazing to me just how much this isn’t being used or ultilized by so many Clickbank Affiliates. I think it’s based on the fact that a lot of Clickbank Affiliates are also publishers for Google Adbrite Chitika, etc. Thinking “Oh having Google Ads on my website is better than having Clickbank Ads atleast i’m getting paid for every click”. What they don’t realize is your making pennies on the dollar with this tactic or business model. I found for $25 to $50 dollars made with Google you could have made $75 to $150 with Clickbank if you would have been showing their Ads on your website or blog. No this isn’t a joke and no i’m not lying.

Even if you’ve just started out with Clickbank. Head over and start building your own Clickbank Ads right now and give Clickbank Hopad builder a try. Yes you won’t start seeing any sales at first but as traffic to your website or blog picks up and more and more people start coming back or going to your website or blog you will see sales you will see clicks and ultimately you will see your daily to over all sales go up. If you’ve given up on using Clickbank Ads and resorted to making the quick profit it’s your choice. But if your looking to make more of a profit and want to hold out and use Clickbank Ads on your website or blog then create them with The Clickbank Hopad builder. See for every 4 or 5 clicks with Google Adsense or another publisher platform if you would have had Clickbank ads you would have made $20 to $50 dollars.

You see website traffic is so use to ADs that the human eye actually goes to that first. Hence why do you think Google Bing and Yahoo all follow the same format really. If you can ad a leaderboard to your website or blog Skyscraper unit even a box banner unit. You stand to make a lot of money with your blog or website and you don’t have to do nothing more than just use the Clickbank Hopad builder add some HTML to your website or blog and within seconds have Clickbank Ads running. Making you money 24/7 and all you did was follow the Clickbank Hopad wizard copied some code and let it go. Set it forget it really because it’s what you do when you have Clickbank Ads running on your website. For myself I think it’s better because it’s geared toward keywords not trusting in the fact that Google is going to run ADs geared towards your website or blogs niche.

I’ve seen so many websites and blogs that are running Google Adsense or another AD serving system and they have ads that have nothing to do with the owners blog or website. Tell me how your writing about Apple iPhones and your ads are showing HTC related ads, Apartment Ads, Website service ads, etc. Ok I could see the HTC ads but Apartment Ads or ads that have nothing to do with your website or blog. Please, it’s why using Clickbank ads is 100% times better you can make more money with Clickbank Ads than if your running a regular ad serving service like Google Adsense. If you feel like “oh well it doesn’t work”. Even if you’ve used Clickbank Ads before and never saw any type of profit from it. How Long Did You Run Them? What Kind Of Traffic or demographic was coming to your website or blog? I mean it’s hard not to make sales with Clickbank ads because your bound to.

So adding Clickbank Ads to your website you stand to make more money daily and over all with Clickbank than if you ran Google Adsense Adbrite Chitika, Etc ads on your website. For every dollar made that way you could have made $20 to $50 dollars with Clickbank ads. It’s why I wished more and more Clickbank Affiliates who have websites and blogs used the Clickbank Hopad builder to build ad units to put onto their website or blog. It’s not a matter of “Oh I don’t know how to do it”. Wrong anyone and everyone can use the Clickbank Hopad Builder and start making more money with Clickbank now than ever before. I had a friend of mine who used Clickbank Ads and it’s the only way he made money off of his blogs and websites. So you see it’s works, it’s worked for me and countless other Clickbank Affiliates as well. So give it try.. What do you have to lose?


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