Thursday, March 27, 2014

I think Affiliate Marketing, isn’t really for the weak or un determined at heart. If you have one good blog, one good website it doesn’t matter. For you to be successful at Affiliate Marketing And Working With Clickbank you need a lot of different resources, determination and an attitude to match. Personally what is going on lately is “software” dominance and false “guru” websites claiming to show you how to make hundreds a day. This on top of the fact that 98% of affiliates for Clickbank aren’t making good money, example for us our main resource Hubpages doesn’t allow clickbank links anymore haven’t for a while. So we had to close out our Hubpage Accounts which where bringing us in good money now nothing. But you see it’s those type of dangers that make affiliate marketing hard. I know a lot of affiliates who’ve emailed us have said 90% of their income was coming from hubpages now nothing. One affiliate story struck us hard he was making $100 to $200 a day from hubpages and traffic from them to his blogs and websites and now nothing.

Clickbank is easy to work with, to create hoplinks AD Units, etc. It’s the Marketing Part of it that’s hard. I always say Build A Website or Blog centered around the Clickbank Product your promoting. Yes, A lot of people do so already but that’s just it. They set it and forget it, without really knowing that if your going to be successful at affiliate marketing you have to load each blog/blogs, website/websites with CONTENT. Remember content is king and it must be unique, unless your using Software like Autoblog Samurai, or another auto blogging program that fills hundreds of blogs with content each and everyday but that’s for a later post. Clickbank Affiliates go on the notion that once they’ve set up their blog on to the next. Like I was, the person next was and so on and so fourth. It’s only years into Affiliate Marketing do you realize how much work really does go into it. The countless hours lost, the time you choose between living a life of freedom or spending time with your family or friends or even loved ones. The worst part about it is the amount of money you really invest in Affiliate Marketing.

Personally the first two years I spent over $3,000 dollars on “products” “software” “websites” all of them promising big money and big returns. Trust me none of them paid off in anyway shape or form. What did pay off and how I did start make money online was taking bits and pieces from different “systems”. Seeing what the supposive “gurus” the websites they where using, the circles they ran in. RESEARCHED till my eyes popped out and my fingers fell off. In the end it’s all about content and working on one thing at a time. Just this rule of working on one thing at a time is hard because every other day someone is coming out with a new way of making money with clickbank, another email coming up that promises hundreds a day or your signing into your Clickbank Account finding ADDs with pics of their daily sales showing thousands a day. The sad truth is if your watching the videos or looking at the pics they show. NOTICE The “Black Out” areas. What’s happening is they’re getting affiliates to promote their product “Sell it” and then turn around and show you all these amazing sales promising you hundreds a day even thousands. The sad truth is you won’t and it’s not going to happen.

See what happens is a lot of these guys have played the game for years and are great CONs. What happens is they play to the law of statistics. If you have say 100,000 affiliates who actively sign on and are marketing products for Clickbank and your product has been doing well or set of products you then turn around make some screen shots and pull a product together to market to the affiliates. Now law of statistics, If say those 100,000 affiliates say 40,000 click your add and buy your product only 1,000 or more will realize that the product is really nothing and want their money back. Then the “guru” will turn around and make a profit because he knows no more people will want their money back. Then take some more screen shots and market it more through Clickbank and other affiliates, email’s ,etc. That’s really how these guru’s make their money. Making products that are all about the flash but aren’t even worth the money. The even worse part about this is they charge insane amount of money and people pay it, thinking they’re gonna make hundreds a day and in the end they don’t.

What you have to realize is, it’s up to you to take the bull by the horns and do the work, the research. You don’t have to know a lot about SEO, Blogging, Website Building. You don’t need to pay for domains or email marketing, etc. All you need to know is how to write, research your product your promoting and how to get yourself out there. No one website one blog is going to bring you in a lot of money. In fact, I myself only started making money online 3 years ago because of all the years of creating blogs and websites and putting content post after post tweet after tweet. Your never going to see thousands even hundreds of thousands of hits to your website or blog. If your just starting out it’s going to be a full year before you even see a profit with Clickbank. If you’ve been in the game for a year or two now and your still not profiting I would say give up walk away get a job. Now you have to remember that as well a lot of affiliates are only doing this part time. The ones who are making good money are the ones doing it full time 8 to 9 hours a day. Well, why are they making money and not me who’s doing this a couple of hours a day?

It’s simple if you have one blog, say you quit your job or where fired/laid off. You now have 8 to 9 hours a day that you would have otherwise stayed at work or been working all now up in the air. Now if you take those 8 to 9 hours and say you created one or even two blogs. Focused on two different products, wrote two to three articles a day if not more and Marketed VIA Twitter with those two blogs, following and unfollowing people to gain a larger audience. Within’ one month you will be indexed, have good search engine traffic and ranking and have hits coming in from twitter. That’s just one scenerio, they’res hundreds I could give you if you have 8 to 9 hours a day to work with. The best part about having to do affiliate marketing full time is this. If you get laid off or fired from your JOB as long as you have unemployment coming in that’s a check every two weeks. With affiliate marketing at 9 hours a day you don’t need to invest money because you have time to sit write content market your blogs and do your research. Don’t believe me, just look at the successful affiliates and they’ll all tell the same story. Lost my job, was fired from my job, quit my job. Basically giving them all this time to think, try and test the waters.

Remember Affiliates FAIL because they buy every GURU product, every software out there. Get sucked into all these different systems that really drain their pockets. To be successful you have to be able to do it FULL TIME part time will take you longer while FULL TIME will get you there faster. One product at a time, even if takes weeks before you start seeing traffic to your blog or website. You don’t need a DOMAIN or money to invest unless you want some advertising done. Don’t buy “guru” products or systems that promise you hundreds of dollars a day. For every hours you invest it’s a thousand dollars that will come out of it later if you’ve done it right. Remember CONTENT IS KING and the more content on your blog or website the better you will do over the next person. DONT COPY CONTENT or SPIN CONTENT it doesn’t work and will  take you three times as long than the next person. Remember if one person has software that’s making them money million more do as well so the pool for making money get’s shorter. Don’t believe an ADD or product saying “why am I telling you this won’t this make it harder for people to make money, NO the more the better”. Sorry the more the better, obviously that person isn’t making money anymore and is throwing a hail Mary out there so he can make some money off of someone who’s desperate to make money online.

If you find a way to make money online DO NOT TELL ANYONE. Don’t let anyone in on it, and remember the successful affiliates are the ones you never hear about, never know and will never tell you. I had a cousin of mine for years who brought in 6 figures had the nice cars, women, houses and all of us never knew what he did. It wasn’t until he asked for some help on a project then I realized what was going on. Affiliate Marketing And Clickbank along with some other sites. Some people are just that lucky, you have to admit to yourself that A) Money goes to Money B) People who do they’re home work yeild the best results And C) The Early Bird Gets The Worm it’s why having your OWN DOMAIN is impossible because they’re all but bought up. Example of LUCK, friend of mine we both went into Affiliate Marketing within’ six months of each other with in the first year it took me years to make money online part time and he was profiting his first year. How did he do it? Luck, two blogs lived at home and had nothing to do but time. Myself had a job at the time was doing one to two hours a day. So you see time and luck play a major role, more time than anything. Don’t give up and always have a backup.


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